A boat that planes and accelerates perfectly and handles like a dream in any condition—now that’s what the best boating experience is all about!

As a family-run business, Solas Propeller Warehouse prides itself in always providing exceptional service, accurate expert advice and the highest-quality products. It is this commitment to excellence that has made us the largest and most reputable propeller distributor in Australia.

Many boats use incorrect or poorly selected propellers that don’t accurately match the boat/ motor/ hull and boat usage combination. This unnecessarily strains the motor and causes excessive fuel consumption!

At Solas Propeller Warehouse, we can identify the exact propeller that will optimise your boat’s performance. We have conducted thousands of on-water tests on the ideal boat, motor, hull and propeller combinations—also factoring in the weight and usage of the boats. Consequently, we have the most extensive database of tried and tested combinations in Australia.
Why Solas?

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Solas Propeller Warehouse is a family run business and we pride ourselves on always providing our customers with exceptional service, accurate expert advice, and high quality products. This has made us the largest and most well regarded propeller distributor in Australia.

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Blade Geometry

Solas offers a total of 8 different blade shape geometry’s in a combination of 8 different pitches. This means that we can supply the exact propeller to maximise the performance of the majority of production and custom built boats.

Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee to deliver the right propeller in the quickest possible time. We can do this because we have the largest in-warehouse stock of quality propellers in Australia and have sourced the quickest and most cost effective freight routes available.

Expert Assistance

The team at Solas Propeller Warehouse are experts in propeller hydrodynamics and carefully pinpoint the best propeller for any boat and motor combination. Call us today for expert advice.

Meet Our Team
Steve Evans

Steve Evans

Chief Executive Officer

Steve is one of Australia’s leading experts in propeller hydrodynamics. He started with the Solas Company 18 years ago and has conducted thousands of trials on a large range of Australian boats, testing different boat, motor, hull and propeller combinations and factoring in the load and use of the boat. It’s through this research and practical testing that Steve has developed an extensive database that can finely pinpoint the best propeller for any boat and motor. Steve is passionate about boating and fishing and dedicated to excellence in boat performance.

Craig Argent

Craig Argent

Workshop Manager

Craig, who’s been with Solas Propeller Warehouse for over 15 years, heads the “Winston Churchill” repair workshop ….“Never before has so much been done with so little” . From thousands of repairs his knowledge and hand skills are enviable. Craig is a master at fine tig welding difficult repairs that seem worthless and has developed many new prop repair techniques for rebushing, repairing and cupping. He is also a formidable all round keen fisherman.

Larry Diamond

Larry Diamond

Fishing Manager

Nikkita Argent

Administration / Sales

Shaylee Morris

Administration / Sales
Will Janke

Will Janke

Marcus Slater

Marcus Slater

Shipping / Workshop